My Vivid Dream of Daisy and Her Gift of Forgiveness

I feel warmth first, then the familiar smell of love.  I pull up the covers and smile.  I’m having a Daisy dream. I remember the times we’d cuddle. I hear her breathe, and my eyes start to open.

Daisy?” I try to clear my cobwebs.  Her eyes connect warmly with mine and her famous smile emerges.  People say dogs don’t smile, but only the people who haven’t met Daisy…  “DAISY!”   

My heart beats loudly as I reach out, expecting to go right through her.  Instead my hand lovingly cups her silky ear, and I pet and hug her.

She smiles, rolls to her back and gives me her chest, “love me right here”, her eyes say as she snuggles next to me and rests her head on my leg.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Daisy.  But how? Why?” I asked, hesitantly, afraid my acknowledgement would send her back. 

She looked at me, tilted her head, and her answer flowed into me. Her sweet and strong, knowing, yet non-judgmental voice whispered softly in my ear. 

“Daisy, I’m glad we made it to a better place, but I was horrible to you at times.”  Her eyes stayed with mine but her head hung a bit.  “I got so angry over your normal puppy shenanigans…, the ponytail pulls…, the table…, shoes… I’m sorry Daisy.”

Daisy sat up and stretched, did a circle on the bed and laid back down beside me. “Go on?,”  I asked.  Her smile said it all. 

“Daisy, the cage.  The cage was scary and you were so nervous you bloodied your mouth trying to chew your way out.  You never deserved that.”  I rested my head on the side of my hand as it hit me, I never deserved this dog, this wonderful angel of a dog. 

“Daisy, you were so cute and sweet, just looking for fun.  I was the one who brought you in with young kids.  I should’ve included you more and not shut you out. I took the bad out on you and held the good from you.  I’m grateful that we did eventually ended up in a healthier place, but will you forgive me? Forgive me for making the beginning of your life sad and empty?”

We laid face to face and I felt her love permeate through me.  I wasn’t even surprised when she whispered, “I already did,” in my ear. 

The warmth of love gushed through my body and my soul lightened from her forgiveness. I put my arm around her and we cuddled for what felt like forever, then something told me it was time.  We locked eyes again and I said, “Daisy, I never deserved to have you as a pet, but I’m so lucky I did.”