Happy Easter! But Part of This is About Me…

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What’s weird about this Good Friday and Easter is that I have some interesting personal events on these dates too (and, no, I’m not more important than Jesus-sheesh!). Anyway, Friday, the 15th marks my 7.5 year anniversary of being diagnosed with a brain tumor, and today, the 17th, marks the 7.5 year anniversary of my surgery to remove it. 

The reason I’m relating to Easter is that just like Jesus died on Good Friday, part of me felt like I died when I had part of my brain removed. Then when He had risen, or come back to life, two days later which we celebrate now as Easter, I also have personally risen in my own way two days later too. I’m finding new life in a way I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t surrendered that part of my body- I guess that part of my life, but more specifically, that part of my brain.

Earlier today as I was thinking about Easter, this similarity in events and anniversary timing with Jesus occurred to me, and just like you think it’s weird, I did too! I worry that everyone out there is rolling their eyes and judging me for having such thoughts, like, “omg, you’re not Jesus, nor are you just like Him!”   Yeah, I totally know that, to the point I almost didn’t write this. Yet I wonder if it spotting this minor similarity helps me in following Him. Christians are supposed supposed to use Jesus as a roll model, right? As a reference to good deeds and actions in the world? So I’m not comparing myself to Jesus in greatness, however I’m seeing some things in my life that look like tiny slivers of his experience and I feel guidance and comfort from that. Not that I know so much, but that I’m being watched over by He who gets it way more than me. I’m being protected in this time of struggle in my life by The One who has mastered a much larger challenge and risen. Like Jesus, in my much smaller way, I strive to rise from my challenges and I feel confident and assured that He, a master at it, is with me. 

Happy Easter!  He is risen! 

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  1. Hi Lahla He is Risen Indeed. Hope you had a great Easter. Glad you wrote this ,I know how you feel. When I had my last surgery for hernia repair they were getting ready to move me to recovery and I had a heart attack. They ended up care flighting from GMH to Ketterring Hospital and put another stent in my heart ,It was weird going under in one hospital and waking up in another. Keep on following Christ, He won’t lead you wrong. Love you.

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